Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A quick update.

As I mentioned on Facebook, I had been hoping to drop weight before the comp, but a dose of gastro/food poisoning wasn't my preferred method.  But there you go.

However, while recovering from it I've been taking the time to do some solo drills of my own devising just to keep some skills up.

1) With punching bag hanging, I put a gi jacket on it (so it's roughly the same height as me) and set it swinging.  I then am trying to catch grips (collar ties, cuff grips, lapel grips) for takedown entries on the moving target. 

2) Same as above, but then going into the footwork and motions for that takedown. 

3) Holding punching bag with gi jacket on in closed guard (holding the bag elevated as if it's someone who's postured up in guard, but without the bag touching the floor so your legs and core are working), sitting/reaching up to get grips and pulling the bag down towards you so it becomes a battle between your upper and lower body. 

4) Laying bag flat on floor, in a sprawled side control on one side, to knee ride that side, to knee ride other side to sprawl and continue.... 

5) Stand bag up and go into a wrestling style "clinch" (head to one side, with a theoretical "head control" of the bag with one hand) and then practice sprawls and then "sitting out" to capture the back. 

And then a theoretical one that I'm trying to find a place to do it: 

Need a long "fence" (the metal or wood kind with a post every few metres and a single long bar inbetween with no cyclone fencing underneath), sling a gi jacket over that, hook your ankles over it in a "closed guard" and do pull ups in this position to improve grip strength and upper body and core strength (and half of it would be keeping yourself stable). 

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